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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Reader Restaurant Review: El Cuartito

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a reader about a restaurant they visited during their last trip to Buenos Aires. Since they didn't leave it as a comment in the blog, I wanted to make a post and share it with all our readers. Although Buenos Aires has no shortage of pizza joints, its always nice to find a really great place. Maybe I'll go check this place out sometime and let everyone know if I concur with the reader's review.

El Cuartito

  • Address: Talcahuano 937
  • Neighborhood: Retiro, between Paraguay & Mt. Alvear
  • Phone: 4811-1751
  • Food: Pizza

We frequented El Cuartito several times on our first visit. Of course, our second visit to BA would not have been complete without one of their delicious pizzas. Although we hadn't been there for over 2 years, we were delighted when the owner welcomed us back with a big smile, led us to a table, chatted with us (he is Spanish, us in English) and very generously deducted a significant amount off our bill.

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