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Monday, January 19, 2009

Anuva Vinos in the News

I just have to share how exciting it is to have wrapped up our successful 2008 U.S. tasting tour with our first pieces of press! The Oregonian, Oregon’s major daily paper, called Anuva a “tremendous bang for the buck.” The wine professionals at Stoller Vineyards and Winery, one of Oregon’s famed Pinot Noir producers, concurred with The Oregonian saying that they too were “impressed not only by the wines… but also with the value.” We certainly agree with that and are excited to bring you more great values in 2009.

Owning up to this promise, we recently added 12 new wines from nine different wineries to the club collections that illustrate everything from the classic Argentine varietals that Anuva specializes in—Malbec and Torrontés—to exotic wines like Tannat, Bonarda and even a Tannat/Malbec blend aptly title “Pozo del Diablo”. With only 1500 bottles produced, this one won’t last long.

On the agenda to start off the new year is a visit to Mendoza and Salta, two of Argentina’s most exciting viticultural regions. We’ll be there to taste new wines, meet with winemakers, and tour new wineries so that we can find and assemble the next exclusive collection to export to our Anuva Vinos members the U.S. Along the way we hope to document our experiences with the wines and winemakers on film so that we can share them with you!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel: The Wall Street Journal just brought out a full Malbec review, tops is Altos Las Hormigas 2007. I got a case of that for 9.99/bottle (10% off for a case) as well as a Trapiche Malbec, 11.99/Bottle, same conditions.

Long live Argentina Malbec !


1/27/2009 06:23:00 PM  
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I am in the practical stages of planning and figuring out the financing to purchase the businesses. I realize I will probably be looking at an unsecured international loan but that isn't to much of a concern we expected as much.

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