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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Free Wi-Fi in Buenos Aires

One reader was asking about where to find places that had Wi-Fi, so perhaps we can all name a few places we know to help her out.

Reader's Question

I am here in Buenos Aires finalmente! I am curious if you know of any good places/cafes that offer free wireless internet? In San Francisco they are everywhere, but I haven't found one here yet. Thanks so much!

LA NACION Master List

Check this link for a PDF file you can print out. This is a list put together by LA NACION that has a few Wi-Fi locations. Of course, nothing compares to San Francisco, so just forget about that. You've been spoiled by all the free Wi-Fi they have there in San Francisco, so its time to come back to reality for a minute. Besides, if you're in need of an internet fix, there are locutorios everywhere.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Expat Argentina Featured In Clarin

I just wanted to point out to everyone here that on February 28th (a little more than a week ago), my little blog was featured in a Clarin article about bloggers in Argentina. If anyone has the link to that article for the online version of Clarin, I'd appreciate it if they could post it here.